SnL’s Tribute to MJ – Breathe, PJ Live Arts Centre, Aug20

The SnL Singers performed this close-harmony rendition of ‘Smile’ (Music: Charles Chaplin, Words: John Turner & Geoffrey Parsons) as a tribute to Michael Jackson, at ‘Breathe’ (PJ Live Arts Centre, Aug 20 2009) an event featuring dedications of music, poetry, readings, dance, stories and memories to Michael Jackson and Yasmin Ahmad. The video of us is attached below!

The SnL Singers performed a close-harmony rendition of 'Smile' as a tribute to Michael Jackson, at Breathe (Aug 20, 2009)

Smile – the video.
No Mikes, No Edits, No Frills. Enjoy!

More info on ‘Breathe’ here:

Credits: Photo by Melissa Wong. Video by anonymous member of audience (thank you!)


Breathe, and Just Smile! :)

Had an amazing time @ ‘Breathe’ last evening at PJ Live Arts (where we performed a close-harmony a cappella version of ‘Smile’ as a tribute to the King of Pop). It was grand to be part of such a meaningful event.. thanks, Zal, Cathy, and everyone else who made the event possible.

Photos & video will coming up soon, so watch this space 🙂 . Meanwhile, do check out photos of the event taken by friends in the audience, on our Facebook page –

Also, thanks Shazmin for the mention on BFMradio yesterday afternoon!